Introduction to 3D Printing


Course Overview:

In this course you will learn all about the 3D printing which is the primary technology used for building custom plastic prototype parts for your product.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to 3D Printing
Lesson 2 – Basics
Lesson 3 – Technology
Lesson 4 – FDM Printer
Lesson 5 – Printers
Lesson 6 – Filaments
Lesson 7 – 3D Design
Lesson 8 – Optimization
Lesson 9 – Slicing and Printing
Lesson 10 – Tips and Tricks
Lesson 11 – Conclusion

NOTE: This course is taught by Alex Berrou who is an excellent mechanical engineer and one of the Academy experts.

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  1. Nicolás Franco says:

    Very excited about this one!

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