Workshop: Case Studies on How to Define and Validate Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

In this video workshop you'll learn how to create the right MVP for your product. Includes 7 in-depth case studies for you to learn from.

  • Starts with an introduction to the lean startup methodology and the Minimum Viable Product concept.
  • Case Study #1 - Imaging drone for farmers
  • Case Study #2 - Steve Wozniak's first product after Apple
  • Case Study #3 - At-home PCB pick-and-place machine
  • Case Study #4 - Holographic Display 
  • Case Study #5 - Mobile hand-held document scanner 
  • Case Study #6 - New type of personal computer case
  • Case Study #7 - Projector device for smart phones
  • Originally held live for members of the Hardware Academy and includes an active Q&A session.
  • Hosted by my friend Dave Millman who is an expert in helping hardware startups find their first customers.



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Hey there, I’m John Teel, a product design engineer, serial entrepreneur, and the founder Predictable Designs and the Hardware Academy.

As a senior design engineer at Texas Instruments (TI) I designed dozens of successful electronic microchips. My designs can be found in all kinds of popular electronic devices including some from Apple and Intel.

You almost certainly own several products with TI microchips inside, and most likely a product or two with one of my chip designs.

Before starting Predictable Designs, I founded a hardware startup that developed and manufactured a consumer lighting device. The product was sold in hundreds of retail locations across multiple countries.

In addition to developing the product I also oversaw manufacturing in Asia, marketing, trade shows, logistics, financing, and sales. I had a team of over 20 sales representatives across the U.S. selling the product at one point.

For the past 4 years my full time passion has been helping entrepreneurs to develop and bring new hardware products to market.

I received my Master’s in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) degree from the University of Texas with a focus on Microelectronics.

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